Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clothing is debatable.

I love to shop.
Ive recently come to realize I don't like to buy shirts. ALL my shirts are plain, tanks and tees.. >.< but why?
If I didn't have to I probably wouldn't wear shirts.
BOOBIES (  .  ) (  .  )
Just dresses, pretty bras, and bikini tops!
Yea this is pretty random.
You probably shouldn't read this.
Shirts are for thee conformists.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twitter Addict >_< Oh no!

Soooo if you follow me you KNOW I utilize my 140 characters......Thats not good. Sometimes before you even think about your reaction to a situation the tweet is composed and sent! I <3 the streaming commentary plus being up to date on whats goin on around campus but at 473 followers I believe my twitter reign is over. Perhaps I will use my twitter to promote my new blog..ehhh probably not. For some reason I don't want ppl I know to read my blog. Then they'll see behind my veil of vague nonchalantness....Could not jump on the tumblr bandwagon sooo on blogspot I have arrived. 
Hi. Im Ashleigh and I am a twitter addict...EEEK