Sunday, May 15, 2011

Columbus GA

Deep sigh. The good ole Colga where I spent my high school years. Philly born and raised transplanted to Columbus GA. As a young lass I assumed every where in Georgia was country and everyone raised pigs and cattle. To my surprise this was not what I found when I moved here in 2004. It is nothing like my city more like a high way rest stop exit but here is what I call home. I'm here for a week so plenty blogs will probably be written. I'm like a recluse here. Avoiding ppl I didn't fool with in high school and things of that nature. I fraternize with my bff's and thats about it. bright side we have a Target here *grasping for straws here clearly.* This place. Oh this place I love my family but I wish they were located in a more fun place.
   Guess I will use these days to rest, collect my mind, and work on this blog thang.
Deep sigh.

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