Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Im enGAUGED!!!

Random acts of recklessness!!!
After a minor setback earlier today I found myself in a slump...
Hmmm I tried to eat my way to happiness. 16 oz of New York strip deliciousness. And about 5 slices of bread and butter...and one fully loaded bake potato later i was still a mullet face!!
Retail therapy? Of course 5 candles later.. Im still like ehhhh.
Sooo after consultation with my amazing emergency response team we find ourselves at a tattoo shop.

I have no ink but Ive had a few punctures in my day.
Piercings? LEHGO.
what to get: Horizontal tounge ring again
                   back dimples?? 120.. HELL NAW
                  anti eye brow
no no no. At this point Im like its a no go. No holes for Ash today. Then a little bird whispers *gauge* huh?? never have I ever thought about gauging my ears seeing as though they are the size of a toddlers...
after bat 15 minutes of debate...
and there you have it!! a lil swollen but thats to be expected. 4g, pink and glittery. DOPE

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