Saturday, May 21, 2011

How I bring my weave back from the dead..

I am an avid youtube watcher. I rarely accidentally come up on treasures such as this ghetto mess right here. Youtube actually suggested this one for me. Ha! that makes me sad. The video selections I've made have led them to suggest THIS. She's serious... thats fine
I mean she starts the first 5 seconds cursing at the baby. What???
Gutted. Enjoy :)


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  2. I'm mad that you got me to watch some of that video, ash. That woman just ruined my day. "YOUR" HAIR IS STRINGY BECAUSE YOU JUST PUT A PINT OF MINERAL OIL INTO IT! STOP CURSING AT/IN FRONT OF YOUR DAMN BABY!! YOUR EYES ARE CREEPY AND YOUR HAIR IS CRAPPY; YOU ARE A HOT MESS. DO KINDLY GET OFF OF MY INTERNETS. Also, in news of the incongruous, I'd like to note the treadmill in the corner.
    <3 Your cuz.

  3. Geneva! There were soooo many problems in this one. I cant. I cannot.