Monday, June 13, 2011

I don't do numbers!!!

Sooo I got this great idea to do a blog for my natural hair anniversary which is in 3 DAYS (woop woop) By that day by the grace of  baby Jesus I will have a great blog with a collage and length checks and everything :-) 
The sad thing is, had I not uploaded a picture of my big chop on Facebook the day I took those safety scissors to my head I would have NO IDEA what day this nappiversary was! :((
Lately I've been thinking about how I cannot recall the dates of things that should be significant! 
- I was in a relationship with a young man for about 9 months. I have no idea what day an 'anniversary' would occur. Nor do I know his birthday >.<  horrible. 
-Idk what day I graduated highschool
-I cant remember either of my grandmothers bday (charge it to my head and not my heart)
-what day of the year is fathers day or mothers day?
-what date will I graduate college?
-Every time I am about to write the date I check my phone! 
- I thought I met the current beaux in February. Yesterday he informed me it was October :/
As a girl aren't I supposed to come installed with some internal date book for special moments??  When was my first kiss or lame sap stuff like that?? And don't get me started on phone numbers! I know mine, my moms, and my dads. The end! Its a great thing I wasn't born at the time that each town had a specific number for 911 >.< 
Idk I will try to do better. I have a selective memory and I don't like math. Those two combined is probably why I suck at this.
May 17
March 1
Dec 30
Oct 24
Feb 28
April 10


  1. Good post! I wonder about that Female Internal Date Book… usually an event's significance outweighs external details for me: I remember every nuance of my children's births - labor, excitement, how they felt, etc. but I'd be hard pressed to tell u exact Birth Weights… so I'm missing that gene too, I guess lol

  2. Yeah Ash, you gotta do better. You better figure out when you graduate. If you don't remember anything else this school year, remember that!