Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Time FINE

Ok sooo on the outside looking in I may be tiny, skin and bones, "need to eat something' blah blah blah. All the rude things ppl say to skinny ppl because apparently our lack of body fat means we dont have feelings. But I digress... Anywhoozle I am actually at the highest weight of my life.I didnt gain the freshman 15 I gained the junior 20! Today I tried to put on my favorite jeans and I couldnt get em past my knees. >.,<
     So Ash why dont you just go up a size? Good question MegaAshleigh heres my response: A HELL NO!
I refuse. I wear a size 3 and thats the end dammit! grrr So I kindly took off my too tight Levis and put on my jeggings. Pajama jeans as SOMEONE kept calling them <---- side eye of death... So anyway yea I put on my fat day pants and came on  in to work.
    *Disclaimer* By no means do I feel that I am over weight, I have no plans to be anorexic and when I look in the mirror I do not see a 300 lb girl.
 I do however KNOW that I cannot fit my jeans. And although I titled this summer time fine I would really just like to shed a few before jean seaon rolls on back around.
    In highschool I made a goal to buy 100 pairs of jeans (dont ask why, these are the confessions of a shopaholic) All of those jeans and all bought since then are a size 3-5. I am NOT donked out there is no reason I shouldnt be in those pants! grrrrr Ok I pay my student fees for a reason and I shall return to using the RAC!
    Im one of those ppl who has to write things down for them to actually exist sooo imma do a lil research on the best fitness plan to get back int to your favorite jeans and viola it WILL happen... 
   I'll do a follow up and maybe some healthy eating tips I pick up I hope anyone reading this and feeling the same way decided upon completion that theyll get summer time fine with me :())
Ash <3

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