Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Very Superstitious

I often feel the need to have a preface for things. Kinda to ward off comments on things that I have already thought through. So here is the disclaimer: I have faith in God. I do believe all things can be done through Christ who strengthens me. I walk with conscious faith in the higher being of my choosing. Thus I do consider myself a Christian. HOWEVER I'm in to astrology and I have lots of superstitions that I stick to!

Im walking out of my door headed to work. They've been painting my apartment complex for weeks now. Sooo between myself and my car are two men on ladders painting. Ppl are walking under happily not knowing the bad luck they are possibly accruing for themselves!! Although I do have somewhere to be I walk myself alll the way around the building. Yes its that serious. This time last week I had to be carried AROUND the ladder b/c I refused to walk under it or on the fake ivy they have planted!

For example here are some of the old wives tales that I know of: 
Step on a crack break your mamas back (no jk)
- Don't look into a broken mirror
- Don't make a toast w empty glasses
- Don't talk about ppl or you'll have ugly kids
-Dream about fish someone is pregnant
- A baby isn't supposed to see themselves in a mirror until a year or 6 months
- Don't take the Lords name in vain
- If it rains on your wedding thats good luck
-If you're carrying low you're having a boy
- Heartburn during a pregnancy the baby has lots of hair
- Born w a hole by your tragus you have the gift of second sight
-If during your whole pregnancy you pick the gender u want, they'll be the opposite but w your chosen sex tendencies (cough cough)
- Right hand itch ur getting money
- Left hand itch, your about to owe someone ALOT
- Eye jumping or ears burning, someone is talking about you
- Dream about an ex, they're talking about you
- If you touch the _____ you must smoke
-If you drop the _______ your mate is cheating
- New years: 1st person through the threshold of your home must be a man w money in his pocket. Don't bring dirty clothes into the new year. Cook a pot of black eyed peas and cabbage!
Deep sigh . Thats all I can think of! I think all things happen for a reason and I don't want ANY REASON for things not to go my way. Lol some of these may seem far fetched but hey, if I do go through a spell of hard times I know its not bad luck. Bc I take preventative measures!! 


  1. Lawd, i thought me and my family were just country for believing in these superstitions.

  2. I don't know where I get em from! Guess Im country from up north?!