Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh my po lil blog!

I've missed thee. Getting my thoughts out. Its really a release I didnt know I would miss. 
Randomness swirling swirling. 
My mind goes from thinking about this young man and what went wrong wit that shit, to what am I doing upon graduation, to adding ish to my To Do List, to what will I eat next even tho I dont think I should be eating, to praying for strength. But I digress. 

I'm back updating my lil blog! :) If you're reading this heyyyyyy you! lol
Today's topic is, my selective memory.
I can mentally block out events that happened. Things I didn't like. People I regret meeting. Arguments I regret having. I can delete it from my memory. But is it really gone? Like one day will I think back and recall all foolishness Ive chosen not to dwell on for the sake of my emotional stability? 
Will all the times Ive decided to play it cool all add up and one day I become that girl who cries and stuff?
I have like a storage locker in my brain (or maybe its in my heart) that I don't go in to. I just throw all stupid shit in there. Things I'd rather not think about and I lock it. The end. Eventually I forget, the happening turn in to hazy unfocused even dream like experiences. I'm like did that shit really happen? Yes Ash it did you just decided it didn't.......... hmmmm

I hope my bullshit cup never runs over. Then I'll end up on an episode of snapped somewhere! lol
I dont really ever forgive ppl and I for damn sure dont forget transgressions. I just take note put it in my storage of forgets, and select not to remember....

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