Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank God for granting me, this moment of clarity....

So my epiphany hit me at approx 9:50 pm September 20, 2011

I'll start from the beginning. Today in visual merchandising class we are working on a window display project. I raise my hand an ask "In the real world, for projects like these will there always be a group of ppl having to agree on a single display? Sounds annoying to compromise for a living"
The reply was no, not if youre the art director or you are in charge. Mostly ppl discuss ideas and the one in charge says yes or no.

Later in this same class we break in to our groups...blah blah blah group work is for the birds.
My professor asked us to write up a detailed plan for action for our project. Write out each and every step literally. Once we turned in our plans she tells us "whoever has the most detailed plan will be the project manager. It is the most responsibility b/c u must delegate and make sure everything goes smoothly and is completed"

All day afterwards all I could think was- Damn I hope I'm project manager!!
I have a type A personality. I like to lead and I like things to go right. In my mind right is my way!
So I get online looking up internships and up until this point I couldnt pinpoint exactly what it was I wanted to do with my life. I knew it would be fashion oriented but beyond that I wasnt sure.
Sooo for example you work for Louis Vitton. Yall want to launch a belt line and revamp the whole campaign effectively and inexpensively. You then hire ME. I come in tell who what to do and when to do it. You trust my consulting opinion because I DO THIS. If theres one thing I know how to do, its how to be RIGHT. Just ask my exes! Lmao
Ahhh if youre still reading youre amazing! Im researching my future career as we speak...... <3


  1. That's great that u have clarified ur goals! Sounds like the makings of an endlessly exciting career!

    Since u were in Ms. Edwards 4th grade class u have disliked Group Work. Here to tell ya you WILL have to find a way to view Group Work in a more optimistic and cooperative light; Group Work is the way of the world up to and including the point where you have the Last Word of Approval.

    That said, u r actually often RIGHT. :-D

  2. I got the position as project manager for my window display project!