Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey all,
I had an on the spot interview today. (no big news) So on the interview one again I was asked "Ashleigh what is it that you want to do?" I'm always stuck at this question. I suck at lying so I struggled out some response about loving fashion.....-_____-
So if theres something going on in my life, more than likely I have a book about it. I left the interview and hit the book store.
So I picked out these (knee cameo) --->

So I copped a squat on the floor and sorted through. Some gave general bs advice about salutations on a cover letter or make up in 5 minutes flat! Ehh heres my hell no pile. ---> 

Here are the few I'd like to revisit and I'd recommend you flipping through --->
I bought the bottom two: Pro Blogger Third Edition. Perhaps I can take this here lil blog somewhere? And I COULD Do ANYTHING, if only I knew what IT was. It has little exercises to help you sort out what it is you really want. Lets see.. it shall make for some in flight reading material if anything. 

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