Thursday, May 3, 2012

This is a personal blog. 
You ever scroll through your old pics and reminisce? Of course you do! Duh. Anyway today I came across this one. I cant remember how old I was but it was pre natural days so it was a while back. In the car. With my ex. I cried that night. Back when I gave af about the success of my love life. I dont remember what the issue was but I went from tears to photo shoot time. Thats just how we were.       Crazy in love.  How do you get to a place where an imminent relationship just brings thoughts of future doom and issues and like just immediate shaking my head? 
Idk idk thats where I am though.  
Giving myself a headache thinking about it. Which reminds me!!

NOW HIRING: Head massager, good with your hands and enjoys the feel of natural hair. Compensation ---->amazing conversation, or we could just chill and listen to songs.

personal blog.

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